Upcoming Workshops that YOU can sign up for!

WNC (Western Nevada College) will be hosting FOUR classes for participants to take and learn advanced techniques in book sculpting!  $39 per participant

July 27th, Mixed Media, September 21, Halloween, October 19th, Fall, November 15th, Holiday themed

Artown 2024 held at Computer Corps, for the month of July, each Wednesday from 5-7pm we will have several workshops teaching new book sculpting.  $25 per participant.
To attend, you MUST call to reserve your spot 775-781-6894


Celebrating Art and Creativity!  

Our workshops are at several locations and are subsidized by the businesses that invite us!  They range in size of 5 to 100!  The costs per person are determined by the project, the hours to complete the project and materials.   Fees include all materials and range from $30 per person to $350 depending on the project being made.  Group rates are also available and if interested, please contact me for more information!  Hope to see you at one of my classes!  

2022/2023 Burning Man festival in Gerlach, NV~  

Teaching and sharing our love of book art and sculpting by repurposing and reusing books into beautiful artwork! 

Renown Hospital's, Sterling Silver Club!

The excitement of being on the cover of the July newsletter for Renown Sterling Silver Club with my daughter Rachael!

We will also be on a billboard on near WalMart off of 2nd street in Reno, NV 

OUR WORKS *  ART INSTALLATION - Celebrations, Brewery Arts, Carson City, NV November 2023-present * ART INSTALLATION - "Aerial Gallery", Las Vegas, NV September 2023-present * ART INSTALLATION - "The Octagon" 2023 RTIA show, Reno, NV  September 2023 * ART INSTALLATION - "The Octagon" 2023 Burning Man Art Honoraria, August/September 2023 * ART INSTALLATION - Artist Presents Book Art",  Riverside Art Museum "Cheech", Riverside, CA  November 2022-present * ART INSTALLATION - "Array of Sculpting", Carson City NV - September - October 2022 * ART INSTALLATION - "20th Anniversary" Mexican Console, Las Vegas, NV - September 2022 - February 2023 * ART INSTALLATION - "Flora & Fauna", Las Vegas, NV  August - September 2022 * ART INSTALLATION - "From Trash to Treasures",  Sierra Art Foundation, Reno, NV August 2022 * ART DISPLAYS - Clark County Libraries, Las Vegas, NV  May-July 2022 * ART INSTALLATION -  "Eat Your Heart Out" Art Exhibit, Las Vegas, NV February 2022 *  ART INSTALLATION -  "MIGRATION",  Public Art Exhibit at the Wetlands in Henderson, NV, - March 2022 *  WORKSHOP on May 7th, Basic Book Folding at the Wetlands Park , Henderson, NV *  WORKSHOP on April 9th, Spring Book Folding Boutiques Sierra Art Foundation, held at Art Tech in Reno, NV

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hand painted "one of a kind"


What is NVArtStops?

It is designed to share the love of arts and literature to everyone in Nevada.  Specifically designed sculptures capturing the essence of books, their stories will be on display from August 2019 to May 2020, in several locations throughout Nevada and parts of California.  We started in northern Nevada and will continue to southern Nevada by July 2022

This non-profit was created with and supported by the Nevada Art Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.  

We will be traveling, displaying, showing and teaching our book art at libraries, schools, museums and more.....  

Instilling the love of books and art together!

Please follow us on:    www.MyThousandWords.com/NVArtStops INSTAGRAM:   #NVArtStops                          #Art4AllNevada

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We TEACH Book Art

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